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Optic Fibre Cable Deployment:
Leveraging on the knowledgebase of our top-notch engineers and technical partners in Asia. Cedarview offers a leading edge in the maintenance and deployment of optic fibre for triple-play, voice or data connectivity. We provide planning, implementation and maintenance of optic fibre infrastructure for carriers and users. Cedarview has made a strategic alliance with a leading supplier of splicing equipment, measurement tools and accessories in China.

Microwave Last Mile Deployment:
We are unlocking the potentials of huge bandwidth available at the sea shore but constrained by lack of supporting infrastructure to distribute within the country. Partnering with an original equipment manufacturer in Asia, Cedarview lowers cost of providing microwave networks in terms of quality, availability and capacity which leads to lower switching costs to end users. Our involvement in each key area of the value chain allows us the ability to compete favorably in this space.


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