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Cedarview has distinguished herself in the provision of end-to-end solutions for the enterprise space. With an array of outstanding professionals, service delivery exceeds customer satisfaction. One critical area is that we have partnerships with leading manufacturers that makes quality a given in our deployments. Our approach is process driven and methodical, albeit we push ourselves to keep raising the bar. Leveraging on the multi-disciplinary teams, we approach a problem with multi-lateral thinking, making for the new wave of thought.<br /> Some of our past projects include:

  1. Enabling management traffic and visibility of Layer 2 devices for a leading cable company in West Africa
  2. Cutting service order lead times and product cost by 25% and 50% respectively for a leading broadband provider in Nigeria
  3. Setting up an enterprise infrastructure for domain management, email, storage, unified communications for a specialist bank in Ghana
  4. Revamping the IT security investment for a leading petrochemical company in Nigeria
  5. Business Process Improvement for customer interfacing department for a retail oil & gas major in Nigeria
  6. Conceptualization, design and delivery of a world-class contact centre and unified communications platform for a dominant player in stock broking and asset management in Nigeria
  7. Digitalization of a library for a government institution of higher learning

Cedarview understands that customers want results and realization of business objectives; we seek to provide the most effective route there.

Our members of staff have worked on both sides of the table as service providers and as customers.

The Cedarview Experience

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