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Multichoice Abuja

Project Info

Project Description

Microwave link Installation with alignment and testing for Multichoice at Abuja

installation includes:

  • Rooftop, tower or monopole locations through use of riggers (crane, bucket extra)
  • Installation of dish antenna on existing antenna mast
  • Installation of ODUs and IDUs as per link design
  • Running, labeling and securing of required cables (Cat5e, IF, fiber, power)
  • Termination of connectors at ODU and IDU ends, with assurance of connectivity, strain relief, taped/waterproofed/tie wrapped.
  • Installation of grounding cable
  • Installation of DC power cable from customer provided power source and breakers
  • Validation of correct power and grounding of system
  • Validation all of cables through cable testers
  • Confirmation of installation quality through established punch-list
  • Detailed photographs of installation
  • Comprehensive MOP – outlining installation procedures and configuration details